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CNN hires Corey Lewandowski as political commentator

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Three days after being ousted from the Donald Trump campaign, Corey Lewandowski is becoming a political commentator for CNN.

Lewandowski will join CNN’s stable of political experts who appear across the channel’s newscasts and talk shows.

His first appearance is scheduled to be on the morning show “New Day” next Monday, a network spokeswoman confirmed.

Lewandowski’s hiring by CNN is bound to be controversial, even within the newsroom, in part because he was accused of assaulting a reporter, Michelle Fields, after a Trump press conference in March. He was later cleared of any charges.

More broadly, the Trump campaign’s hostility toward the press has been widely criticized by journalism advocates.

But Lewandowski, in his new role as a regular guest who will be exclusive to CNN, brings the same thing some of CNN’s other paid commentators bring: first-hand experience running a presidential campaign.

His perspective might be uniquely valuable given that he was Trump’s right hand man up until this week.

Politico was the first to report his hiring on Thursday afternoon.

Even by the norms of the so-called revolving door between politics and television, where campaign strategists frequently become cable news contributors and vice versa, Lewandowski’s transition is swift.

Lewandowski was Trump’s campaign manager up until Monday, when he was fired after an intervention by Trump’s family members.

Hours after he was escorted out of Trump Tower, Lewandowski sat for multiple TV interviews, including a 29-minute interview with Dana Bash. He expressed absolute loyalty to Trump.

“If Donald Trump wins, that’s good for Corey Lewandowski and good for the country,” he told Bash. “Why would I want to do anything other than what’s in the best interest of him and the campaign?”

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