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Tesla Model S

Could Tesla’s Model S Inspire a New Boat Manufacturer?

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO, Elon Musk said the company’s Model S vehicles could double as boats on a temporary basis. Through a social media post, Musk said that the company’s Model S had the capability of floating for the short period given the design and the rotation of the wheel. He was quick to add that they were not encouraging the owners of Model S to test the floating ability of the car.

Through his twitter account, Musk said that one Model S car owner had successfully driven the car in floods at Russia, adding to some speculation that the Model S could be used as a boat. As a parting shot in the Twitter post, the Tesla chief executive said that Tesla was planning to manufacture a “sports sub car that can drive on roads,” albeit as a side project with expectations for a limited market.

Over the years, Tesla has been coming up with ideas that could revolutionize the future of the auto industry. The electric car company has announced its plans of selling powertrains to other corporations; meaning that there is room for horizontal growth via new inventions. The boat industry, which hogs down fossil fuels, would be a particularly interesting proposition.

In line with the temporary vessel capability of the Model S, Musk and Tesla could make a good partner for an upstart boat company or even an established firm. Just like Tesla transformed Model S and X cars into efficient roadsters, there is the possibility that the leading electric boats in the future could have Tesla technology in the hull.

Of course, this is just extrapolation from Musk’s comments and there are certainly many hurdles to be overcome, not limited to just design, but demand as well. The challenge to bring the cost down to make it available to middle income earners or rev up the power and battery longevity for more expensive boats are uncertainties that accompany any new technology in this space.

Still, it’s something to think about.

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