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No way Trump will cause a recession, adviser says

No, Donald Trump isn’t going to cause the U.S. economy to tank, says Peter Navarro, an economist and Trump supporter. In a scathing report last week, research firm Moody’s Analytics said Trump’s plans would cause nearly 3.5 million job losses and sink the nation into a longer downturn than the …

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Sunday Times Questions Microsoft UK’s Tax Bill

England Taxes

British regulators have agreed to it, but the Sunday Times takes issue with the UK tax bill of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). In an article published yesterday on the popular website (behind a paywall, incidentally), the Sunday Times raised questions on the agreed-upon tax, challenging Microsoft’s method in reporting taxes. …

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Junk Bonds: Contagion Risk?


In a dark corner of the stock markets the steady and disconcerting drip from a tiny leak in the dam of sanity can be heard. Some say it’s the sound of financial Armageddon all over again; others boast, “No worries- solid as ever!” The dripping sound comes from the junk …

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